KGW Precision Boosts Production Efficiency with 4 Axis CNC Milling

October 22, 2020

cnc-machineKGW Precision Engineering is proud to announce a significant increase in its CNC Milling capability with the introduction of a 4 axis retro fit onto its existing 3 axis CNC machines.

KGW has also invested in new CAD/CAM software to programme offline using 3D models or various file types.

The additional 4th rotational axis allows cuts to be executed on multiple axis at the same time to different sides of the workpiece without resetting.

Once the programming data is confirmed, the machine can produce either one or thousands of precise work pieces to a consistent quality over a short period of time. This reduces manufacturing time and ensures increased production effectiveness.


KGW Precision Engineering’s Managing Director, Phil Brook commented “We are very excited about this recent upgrade to our CNC Milling capability. An additional axis gives us the chance to make more detailed work faster and more accurately.“

“With this latest investment, which also includes enhanced CAD/CAM software, KGW Precision Engineering can now programme offline as well as online using 3D models/various files or drawings with the minimal amount of down-time and consequent set-ups, thus significantly reducing cost and lead times.”