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  • KGW CARE Planned Maintenance Programme for test rigs

KGW CARE logoKGW CARE is our proactive planned maintenance programme that delivers unparalleled engineering service across the operational life-cycle of a test rig asset, whether it’s one of our own rigs or an existing asset from another provider.

Under the CARE planned maintenance programme, Test Rigs are subjected to a comprehensive overhaul of operational capability and efficiency. These planned maintenance checks reduce repair costs and ensures that the Asset is always fit for service to fulfil production line demands, at the same time improving the asset's sustainability.

Drawing on extensive utility experience and adopting a partnership approach, KGW works closely with clients to understand the unique challenges presented by each asset and to develop a customised, cost-effective strategy to optimise its planned maintenance and management.

Through our CARE planned maintenance programme, we offer you cost-effective, practical, and timely solutions that improve the safety and reliability of your Assets by:

  • Improving operational reliability
  • Delivering energy efficiency
  • Complying with regulatory and safety standards
  • Reducing unplanned maintenance and repair costs
  • Ensuring “fit for service” to meet production line demands

Contact us today to find out how our dedicated CARE planned maintenance programme can help preserve the safety and integrity of your Test Rig Assets and equipment.