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  • KGW SAVE Sustainability Programme for test rigs

KGW SAVE logoAt KGW we are committed to improve and align the environmental performance of test rigs to our client’s own sustainability values.

These values focus on an over-riding dedication to improve Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) performance and reduce carbon footprint.

This involves meeting key EHS objectives to:

  • Lower fuel consumption and energy use
  • Reduce carbon emissions and noise levels
  • Eliminate parts waste

Advanced engineering is critical in meeting the environmental challenges ahead and we recognise that it is our responsibility as a supplier to deliver better sustainability from Assets under management, whether they are Assets we manufacture or supplied by other providers.

As part of our planned maintenance proramme, we use advanced technology to monitor, log and analyse rig energy usage to help identify the most energy hungry processes.

We then use this information to more accurately target resources and find ways to increase efficiency, improve environmental performance and reduce costs.

Contact us today to find out how our dedicated SAVE sustainability upgrade programme can help improve the environmental performance of your Test Rig Assets and equipment.