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  • Technical Authoring & CE Marking

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CE Marking

KG Washford always ensures that the assets and supporting technical documentation that we supply our customers are fully compliant with the applicable CE marking directives.

The CE mark is a symbol that a manufacturer affixes to a product so that it can be sold in Europe and warrants free movement within the EU.

The mark is mandatory for products that fall within one of the 24 European directives and it is the manufacturer’s declaration that the product complies with the relevant health, safety and environmental protection legislation.

While only the manufacturer can sign the Declaration of conformity and apply the mark to the product, we are able to assist manufacturers with the fulfilment of their obligations, by guiding them through the CE Marking process and ensuring that all the correct procedures have been completed.

KGW are especially adept at providing advice and guidance on compliance if products fall within any of the following EU directives:

Directive Number Product Category
2006/95/EC + 2014/35/EU Low Voltage
2009/105/EC. (ex 87/404/EEC) Simple Pressure Vessels
2004/108/EC + 2014/30/EU Electromagnetic Compatibility
2006/42/EC Machinery
94/9/EC + 2014/34/EU Equipment Explosive Atmospheres (ATEX/ DSEAR)
97/23/EC + 2014/62/EU Pressure Equipment (PED)

Please note that some of these will also require input from a UKAS accredited notified body (NoBo)

Technical Authoring

Our Technical Authoring service brings together a unique blend of engineering expertise and technical authoring skills to ensure that the delivered assets are accurately supported by clear, concise technical documentation that meets both customer and legal conformity requirements.

KGW are able to provide high quality, easy to use technical documentation that complies with all relevant EHS legislation and directives.

Our customers benefit from accurate, well- written operation and maintenance manuals that simplify the process and break down the key tasks into easily digestible steps.

This makes operating instructions easier to follow and understand, resulting in safe and efficient machine use.