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  • What is Asset Integrity Management (AIM)?

Asset Integrity Management (AIM) is the process by which an asset (eg test rig) is able to continue performing its required function effectively and efficiently in order provide maximum value over the longest period of time whilst protecting health, safety and the environment.

Our AIM programme is conveniently divided into three integrated services:


Controlling Asset Reliability and Efficiency - is a programme designed to help improve the functional reliability of a Test rig throughout its operational life cycle by executing a planned programme of maintenance and repair. Click here to find out more about CARE.


Sustainability Assessment Values in the Environment - is a programme dedicated to improving and aligning the environmental performance of Test Rig assets to our client’s own sustainability values.

SAVE helps to ensure that Assets maintain the capacity to endure long-term productivity with environmentally friendly engineering. Click here to find out more about SAVE.

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Technical Authoring & CE Marking

KGW offers a dedicated Technical Authoring and CE Marking service to support all of our clients’ assets, whether they be supplied by KGW or legacy assets from other providers.  Click here to find out more about Technical Authoring & CE Marking