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  • Machine Tooling Services

CNC Turning & CNC Milling

As well as the traditional 2 and 3 axis CNC Turning and Milling capability, KGWPE also provides 4 axis cutting expertise. This rotational axis allows precision cuts to be executed on multiple sides of the workpiece without resetting, thus reducing set up time and increasing production effectiveness.

We have also invested in the latest CAD/CAM software that enables our CNC machines to be programmed offline as well as online direct from 3D models, customer files, or drawings.

Our enhanced CNC capability ensures accurate programming, quick set up times, precision model reproduction and the ability to efficiently machine complex work pieces to very high tolerances and consistency of quality output.

EDM Spark & Wire Erosion

Our EDM Wire Erosion and Spark Erosion capability enables us to precisely cut intricate and delicate shapes in materials that would be difficult to machine by any other method, such as pre-hardened steel and titanium. Other benefits of offering our Wire Erosion and Spark Erosion service include:

  • Cutting complex shapes that would otherwise be difficult to produce with conventional cutting tools.
  • Machining very small work pieces where conventional cutting tools may damage the part from excess cutting tool pressure.
  • There is no direct contact between tool and work piece. Therefore delicate sections and weak materials can be machined without any distortion.

Our Wire Erosion and Spark Erosion service ensures that we can supply exceptionally high standards of accurately machined components and finished assembly parts for our customers and key sub-contract partners.

Jig Boring

At KGW Precision our highly skilled precision engineers are experts in vertical jig boring on both small and large scale projects.

Our jig boring machines are suitable for producing a variety of components from fixtures, tooling, and prototypes to more complex machined parts.

All of our jig boring services are tailored to our customers’ exact needs, whether they require a prototype or batch jig boring manufacture of various components be it large or small.

Grinding Services

KGW Precision offers a comprehensive grinding service that enables us to produce a constant flow of high tolerance components that have a ground finish on external and internal round and flat surfaces.

Our skilled engineers have extensive experience in Cylindrical, Surface and Shim Grinding, specialising in precision and production grinding of commercial and aerospace components.


As part of KGW Precision's fabrication and assembly service we offer fully qualified expertise in mig, tig and arc welding techniques involving a range of materials including mild steel and stainless steel.

Chemical Blacking

KGW Precision is able to offer a cost effective, cold chemical blacking process to our machined components that delivers a protective surface to increase resistance to corrosion and enhance the life of that component.

It produces an even black finish for high quality, presentable and professional presentation on most steel machined components.

Electrical Testing

We design and manufacture analogue and digital embedded micro-controller systems. Many of our design solutions utilize National Instruments equipment and LabView©™ software.

Our breadth of experience allows us to design electronic equipment covering many test applications.

  • Test boxes and Harnesses
  • Servo motor control
  • Resolver signal conditioning
  • LVDT signal conditioning
  • I2C, RS232/485 or GPIB formats
  • Stepper motor control
  • Solenoid valve controls
  • Torque motor controls
  • Ramp controllers
  • PID controls
  • Insulation, resistance and inductance measurements
  • CB’s, Rackmount systems, National instruments multi-function daq systems.

CMM Inspection

A coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is used for measuring objects down to the most precise measurement, especially important dimensions.

At KGW Precision we take test and inspection of all our machined components very seriously and we use precision measuring equipment such as internal bore and external micrometers, both conventional and digital. Slip gauges and clocks all used in conjunction with the CMM to inspect components at every stage of manufacture.

This ensures that all our machined components are manufactured to the exacting tolerances and specifications demanded by our customers, especially those in safety-critical industries such as the aerospace and automotive sectors.