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  • Lifecycle of the test rig

At KGWIE we have been designing and manufacturing fuel system test rigs for many years, supporting some of the most technically advanced aero engines in the world. We deliver the complete “one stop shop” solution to all testing and control rig requirements across the entire lifecycle of the test rig, from concept to reality.  


Our team of fully qualified and highly skilled engineers support a wide range of design service applications utilising the latest Solid Edge, SolidWorks, , AutoCad and HydroSym 2D & 3D CAD modelling technologies. Find out more here.


KGW Integrated Engineering works seamlessly with sister company KGW Precision Engineering to deliver fabrication and precision machined specialist components for integration into fuel system test rig assemblies. Read more here.

Assembly & Testing

Once all the machined components and fabricated parts are ready for assembly, our skilled engineers use precise CAD models to ensure that all the parts are correctly integrated. They are then expertly assembled together and tested in our dedicated in house facility.


After completion of the build phase, our skilled engineers carry out initial commissioning that involves a series of quality checks to prove that the rig is fully operational, functioning correctly and successfully integrated. The rigs are then stripped down, transported to the client’s preferred destination and installed. Final quality checks and commissioning takes place at the client’s site by our specialist rig team, ensuring that we always meet or exceed client expectations.


KGW Integrated Enginnering is committed to the effective management of all test rigs that we manufacture in order to gain maximum value over the longest time period for our clients. Our highly experienced service engineers provide a ‘root cause’ trouble-shooting service which can pinpoint problems and find solutions quickly and cost effectively. We also apply our proactive Controlling Asset Reliability & Efficiency (C.A.R.E) management programme to the operational life cycle of each individual Test Rig that we supply. The advantages of the KGW CARE Programme are:
  • Provides dramatic improvement in the operational reliability of Assets
  • Delivers energy efficiency, adherence to regulatory standards and maintains safet
  • Reduces in unplanned maintenance and repair costs
  • Ensures the Asset is fit for Service to fulfil production line demands
  • Aligns the Asset to sustainability values
For more detailed information on the KGW CARE programme click here.

Sustainability Upgrades

Our service engineers support our clients with regular modifications to existing equipment and tooling for interfacing new products with existing rigs and the upgrading of older test facilities.

The KGW Sustainability upgrade is designed to ensure that all of our client’s test rigs, whether our own build or existing assets supplied by other providers, maintains the capacity to endure long term productivity as well as meeting key Environment, Health and Safety objectives.

In order to further this objective, we have introduced a dedicated sustainability upgrade programme called SAVE - Sustainability Assessment Values in the Environment – to find ways to increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve reliability and cut carbon emissions and help meet our client’s own sustainability values and targets.

For more detailed information on the KGW SAVE programme click here.

CMM Compliance

As an ISO9001 - 2015 quality accredited company, quality assurance is one of the cornerstones of KGW’s business philosophy. We carry out full CMM inspection on all components manufactured by our team to ensure that all our workmanship is of the highest quality and meet our customer’s rigorous standards.

Our Test rigs are custom designed and manufactured in house to test a wide range of components including:

  • Fuel Pumps
  • Fuel Metering Units (Servo Valve controls)
  • Fuel control units
  • Fuel Accelerators
  • Actuators (VIGVA, VSVA etc)
  • Solenoid Valves
  • Servo Valves
  • Overspeed Governors