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  • Fuel System Testing and Test Fixtures

Fuel System Testing

KGW Integrated Enginnering is one of only a few companies in the UK to specialise in the design and manufacture of hydro-mechanical rigs to test fuel flow systems for civil and military aircraft engines.

These test rigs act as flight simulators for engine components, testing them under real-life and extreme conditions involving pressure, air, oil and fuel. Our expert engineers are able to flow kerosene through the fuel system components at a range of pressures, temperatures and fuel flow rates to accurately replicate the extreme variations that an engine will experience during a flight cycle.

Examples of Test Rig projects include:

  • Fully Automated Large Fuel Pump Testing on Adour
  • Fully Automated Fuel Control Unit Testing on Adour
  • Fully Automated HMU Testing on Trent XWB 
  • Fully Automated Multi-Actuator Testing 
  • Fully Automated Solenoid Valve testing 
  • Manual Accessory Testing on Viper

Test Fixtures

Our in-house design and manufacturing expertise enables KGWIE to offer specialist solutions to cater for a variety of test fixture requirements.

We design and manufacture bespoke equipment for special purpose machines such as holding fixtures for a range of test applications including Load, Pressure, Fire and Vibration.