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Machine Tooling

KGW’s fully trained and highly skilled workforce is adept at fabrication and the precision machining of specialist components for integration into fuel system test rig assemblies.

Working closely with the design team we deliver bespoke in-house tooling for each rig requirement including:

  • Electrical Test boxes and Harnesses
  • Tooling packages for unit assembly and dis-assembly
  • Manifolds
  • Fabrications
  • Brackets
  • Motor Frames
  • Precision Gear Boxes
  • Flow restrictors
  • Vibration fixtures
  • Fire Test fixtures

Those components that are not manufactured in house are purchased by our experienced and knowledgeable staff using our extensive network of manufacturing sources.  All of our test rigs are manufactured under ISO 9001 procedures to the highest engineering standards.

Software Support

Our highly skilled in house design team use leading edge software technologies such as NI Labview and Pilz. This sophisticated software delivers the vital data acquisition, measurement and control systems required to support our test rig builds.