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  • KGW Precision Engineering and Manufacturing in Midlands

Here are some excellent reasons as to why you should consider KGW Integrated Engineering for your next test rig assignment:

  • We are vastly experienced having supplied and fitted hundreds of fuel system test solutions to the aerospace industry
  • We have supported some of the most advanced aero engine suppliers in the world, including Rolls Royce, Pratt & Whitney and GE Honda.
  • We have dedicated rig teams that provide unrivalled knowledge and expertise to support your in-house capabilities
  • We have invested in the future by establishing a “Centre of Excellence” facility dedicated to test rig engineering.
  • We can respond rapidly to client needs and are able to design and assemble rigs of all sizes on our own premises, as well as the capacity to build multiple rigs simultaneously.
  • We provide KGW CARE – a comprehensive and proactive planned maintenance programme to help improve the long term operational reliability of test rigs.
  • We are committed to improve and align the environmental performance of test rigs to our client’s sustainability values through our KGW SAVE programme.
  • We provide a comprehensive Technical Authoring and CE Marking service to ensure that all our test rigs are fully supported with high quality technical manuals and documentation.